Tree Root Infiltration

blocked drain is one of the most common plumbing issue you could face as a homeowner here in East Melbourne. Blockages for your indoor drains can be avoided simply by being mindful of what you wash down the sink or flush down the toilet. However, for your outdoor drains, there are other causes of drain blockages that are out of your control. For your outdoor drains, you could face a tree root infiltration. Even though the growth of tree roots is a natural process that you will not be able to stop, there are some preventive measures you could take to lower the chances of its occurrence. Understanding why and how tree roots can damage your outdoor underground pipes will help you take the necessary precautions.

How are tree roots harmful to your pipes?

Even though your pipes appear to be strong and sturdy, they might not be strong enough to withstand the pressure from persistent tree roots trying to go through them. The additional pressure applied to your pipes will eventually lead to a burst water pipe. As these pipes are in your yard, you may notice standing water or spongy grass around the area. Once your water pipes are cracked, the tree roots will absorb the water and continue to grow. Oftentimes, tree roots will find their way into the pipes can cause a blockage.

Why do tree roots damage your pipes?

The insides of your drain pipes is a desirable environment for the growth of tree roots, consisting of water, oxygen and nutrients. If you already have a slight crack in  your water pipes, the water will leak into the soil and act as a guide for the tree roots toward the pipes.

Even if you do not have a leak, when you have trees growing in close proximity to the water pipes, your pipes may be in the way of the growth of the tree roots.

How can you avoid it?

To lower the chances of a tree root infiltration, you will need to strategically position your trees away from your drain pipes. If you know where your sewer line is located, make sure to not plant any trees in close proximity to it. If you don’t know where it is, contact your local plumber to assist you.

You can also choose what types of trees to plant in your yard. Some trees have aggressive roots and are more likely to damage your pipes. You can do some research beforehand so that you know which trees are slow growing, so that you can still have trees in your yard without worrying about damaged pipes.

If you think that your underground outdoor drains are damaged, reach out to Eastern Suburbs Plumbers. You will have the option to repair your pipes by pipe relining to make it as good as new.

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