Problems With Your Kitchen Sink

Previously, we have discussed the plumbing issues you could face in the bathroom. Your kitchen is another room in your home where a plumbing issue could arise. A blocked sink is one of the problems you could face, and you can avoid it by simply being mindful of what you wash down the drain.

What can harm your kitchen drain?

  1. Grease: You may think that it is okay to wash grease and oil down the drain after cooking. In fact, grease and oil can can cause a blockage. It may seem impossible for liquids to cause blocked drains, but grease and oil will solidify once they cool down. When you wash them down the drain, they will cling to the insides of your pipes. Once they solidify, they will disrupt the water flow.
  2. Fibrous foods: Not all types of food can easily be processed by your garbage disposal. Fibrous foods such as banana peels, potato peels and celery are some of those items. Instead of throwing them into the garbage disposal, it is better to dispose of them in the bin.
  3. Coffee grounds: Many people like to start their day with a cup of coffee. If you prefer to grind up coffee beans, it is important to note that coffee grounds will stick to the insides of your pipes. Once a lot of them accumulate, you could be facing a blocked drain.

Your drains are very susceptible to blockages. That is why it is better to dispose of most rubbish into the bin instead. If you are experiencing problems with your kitchen sink, reach out to Eastern Suburbs Plumbers. With special equipment, they will be able to inspect the problem and resolve them without causing further damage to your pipes.

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