Plumbing Maintenance For Your Bathroom

Just like every other part of your home here in East Melbourne, your plumbing system requires regular maintenance. Your plumbing system will wear out over time. Especially if you live in an older home, you need to ensure that your plumbing system is in good condition. Once a problem arises, it will be a hassle to deal with. Depending on the plumbing issue, you could require some costly repair.

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home where a plumbing issue could arise.

What could go wrong in your bathroom?

Your bathroom requires a good and smooth supply of water. It is also important that water is able to flow smoothly out of your bathroom. There are various plumbing issues that you could face in your bathroom and there are different ways to prevent it.

  1. Blocked shower drain: There are a number of items that could cause a blockage in your shower drain. One of the most common culprits is hair. In order to prevent hair from clogging your shower drain, you could get yourself a drain screen to filter the water going into the pipes. Liquid soap, shampoo and toothpaste can also cause blockages. Lumps of them could get stuck on the insides of your pipes and act as a glue that traps other debris. Be mindful of the amount of products you use to ensure that no lumps enter your drain. You can also ensure that they are completely washed away by letting the water run into your drain for some time.
  2. Clogged toilet: Some people treat their toilet as a rubbish bin. Hopefully you are not one of these people, as such an action could cause a blockage. Rubbish will not break apart so easily, and the water may not be able to wash them away completely down the line. A severe blockage could lead to water overflow. Be sure that you dispose of your rubbish properly in the bin.
  3. Leaking faucet: It is normal for a few drops of water to come out of your faucet when you just recently used it. However, constant dripping of water is an indication of a water leak and will waste a lot of water. Even though the dripping is in long intervals, this problem should not be ignored. Be sure to contact your local plumber in East Melbourne to inspect the problem and perform the necessary repairs.
  4. Hot water: Your water heater is an essential plumbing appliance. When you are in the shower, you may have a shortage of hot water. There are various things you could do to maintain your water heater. One, you should drain it every once in a while to remove the sediment build-up. Second, it is important to maintain the temperature setting. Also, to ensure that you will not run out of hot water while you are in the middle of a shower, wait 10 minutes in between showers to allow your water heater to refill its tank.

If you are experiencing plumbing issues in your bathroom, reach out to Eastern Suburbs Plumbers for quality services.

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